User manual was last updated on 24.1.2011. Images are currently taken from Finnish version.


Tools.applicationName%> is a great training and wellness log site that can help you to improve your fitness.

Train It is suitable for all kind of sportsmen, fitness enthuasists and for everyone interested about her/his wellbeing.

On Train It pages you can for example:

  • Plan future workouts and eatings
  • Log actual workouts and eatings
  • Log your daily health values like your weight, blood pressure or blood sugar
  • Track your training and health values with complete reports and statistics
  • Share your training, eatings or other data with your friends
  • Send and receive messages with your friends
  • Arrange different kind of meetings or races with your friends, teams or groups
  • Challenge your friends to weight-loosing or training challenges

Sign up for free

In order to use Train It you have to sign up or have a facebook account.

You must have a valid email address to complete the sign up.

registration page

To make sure you sent the sign up request an email will be sent to your email address. You have to confirm your registration. Please follow the instructions that can be found in email.

Logging in


Logging in with your facebook account


It's easy! Just click the facebook login button on frontpage. No need to sign up!

Did you forget your password?

reset password

Have you forgotten your password? Just click link "Forgotten password?" and follow the instructions on next page

Train It contains two different menus: main menu on top of page and left side helper menu. Some pages may also contain "tab menus"

Top menu

Most often used features are placed on top menu.

Left-side menu


Left-side menu contains e.g. your image, name, settings and language selection.

Left-side menu content depends on opened page.


After first login you should go to Settings page and complete your settings.

Settings page has been divided into tabs: Own settings, Facebook, UI settings, Basic consumption and Heart rate zones

You can save all changes from any tab.

Own settings

Own settings page contains your personal data.

omat tiedot

Facebook settings

This chapter is not yet ready because Facebook features are being developed very fast...

UI settings

This page contains user interface settings.

ui settings

Calculate your daily basic consumption

To be written...

peruskulutuksen laskeminen

Heart rate zones

This chapter is not ready...

hr zones


After logging in you will see your homepage.


Your friends' homepages

Click your friend's image or name to go to her/his homepage. Your friend's homepage may look almost the same as yours.

Kaverin kotisivu


To open training calendar click the Training link in main menu.

Select week from calendar or use arrows to change to previous or next week.


Click calendar cell to add a new workout. Click workout's name to edit existing workout.

If you want to remove an existing workout click the red "X" after workout's name.

You can copy planned workout to actual by clicking the image with green arrow and '+' sign.

Train It will automatically calculate sum of workouts for every week and shows them on bottom of the week.

Note! You can move or copy workouts from one cell to another. Press CTRL key in order to copy the workout.

Adding and editing workouts

Open workout edit page by clicking "Add workout" from your homepage or training calendar page.

The fields in workout edit page should be quite self-explanatory...


Heart rate data

Press "Add HR data" to add heart rate data file to your workout.


Route / track

Press "Add route" to add a route/track file to your workout or to hand-draw the route


Other attachments

Press "Add attachment" to add an image, video, document or some other file to your workout.


Click Eatings in main menu to get to eating calendar.

Modify eating

Eatings can contain one or more foods. Add a new food by writing into food field and selecting from list


Food databases

Train It eating log uses 3 different food databases: [], [] and [usr].

Livsmedelsverket (

Swedish national food admistration's food database (The National Food Administration's food database, version 28/12/2010) contains about 2000 foods. Food data in this database is exact.

Original Train It food database. Contains about 200 foods.

User-added foods (usr)

Contains almost 1500 foods and new foods are added daily. Food data is mostly accurate and correct but there may be some errors.

Friends and groups





Add new group

Uuden ryhmän perustaminen

Join group

Liittyminen ryhmään

My shared pages

Jaetut sivut

Privacy settings



Tapahtuman paikka

Reports and statistics



Hardware and software requirements

  • Minimum display resolution 800x600. Recommended 1280x1024 or better.
  • Network connection. 256Mb/s or faster is recommended.
  • Modern web browser. Train It has been tested using:
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.0 +,
    • Internet Explorer 8.0 + ja
    • Google Chrome 3.0 +
    Other browsers may work...
  • JavaScript must be on.


Email address of Train It support is